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Genetic profiling Vancouver Canada

Genetic profiling

Genetic profiling, also known as genetic testing, is a process that involves analyzing an individual's DNA to gather information about their genetic makeup. This information can reveal insights about a person's health predispositions and other genetic traits. Genetic profiling works by examining specific regions of an individual's DNA sequence, which are associated with various traits and characteristics.

How does it work?

The process typically involves the following steps:

Sample Collection: A sample of DNA is collected from the individual. In this case, from saliva. 

DNA Extraction: The collected sample is processed to extract the DNA from it. This DNA contains the genetic information that will be analyzed.

Data Analysis: The sequenced DNA data is compared to known genetic markers and variations that are associated with specific traits, conditions, or predispositions. This analysis can provide insights into an individual's genetic makeup.

Reporting: The results of the analysis are compiled into a report that outlines the genetic information discovered. This report can include information about current-in-depth health analysis, potential health risks, carrier status for certain conditions, and other genetic traits.

Genetic profiling Vancouver Canada

Genetic Profiling

Used for Optimized Training and Career Planning
Recovery Strategies and Injury Prevention
Nutritional Guidance 

Genetic Profiling For Pro Athlete

Professional athletes can tailor their training routines to their genetic strengths and weaknesses, optimizing their performance gains and minimizing the risk of overtraining or injury. By understanding their genetic recovery profile, athletes can fine-tune their post-training recovery strategies, enabling faster recuperation and reducing downtime. Understanding genetic factors related to factors like injury risk or peak performance age can aid athletes in making informed decisions about the duration of their careers as well.

Important note: It's important to note that while genetic profiling can provide valuable information, athletic performance is influenced by a combination of genetic, environmental, training, and psychological factors. Genetic information should be interpreted in the context of a holistic approach to training and performance enhancement for professional athletes.


Watch what David Ousted says about Genetic Profiling 
for professional athletes at Figure and Food

David Ousted, Vancouver Whitecaps FC former goalkeeper trying Figure and Food's Genetic Profiling and sharing his thoughts on the program and its benefits.

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