The story starts with Parastoo. For years she struggled with weight gain and feeling so defeated by it. Her weight stopped her from going out with friends, meeting new people, being open to relationships, and feeling worthy. She tried Jenny Craig, Dr. Bernsteins, and even lived in a Wellness Facility for months to try to lose weight. It seemed impossible. After years of exploring she decided to try a new way and pave her own path. The vision – to help men and women who struggled in the same way, who have tried it all without success, and who wanted to look as good as they deserve.

Paras applied her Nutrition education and most advanced technology to create a simple solution for losing weight and tightening her body, it grew to become Figure & Food. This is where Paras experienced her transformation and now helps other people do the same. Paras has now lost 25 lbs, lost inches all over her body, and has a diet that fits her social lifestyle. And most importantly, she didn’t have to sacrifice or start working out every day!

Check out her transformation!

I know what it’s like to feel hopeless and unattractive. It seems impossible that you can make a change, but you can! You don’t need to do crash diets or start a juice fast, you just need to follow some basic nutrition habits. I have always loved to try new restaurants, enjoy a glass of good wine, and I haven’t given any of that up. I don’t believe in elimination, I believe in replacing things for better options. And I believe that just because you want to be healthy, it doesn’t mean you have to be boring! Your healthy lifestyle can still be glamorous and you can still feel pampered every step of the way. And I love gadgets and technology that help you get results. You can feel beautiful and be healthy, you can look younger and reverse the signs of aging, and you can begin a better you.

Parastoo Farokhiar

Owner, Lead Consultant

My Special 40th Birthday