Hair loss is a widely common condition which affects both males and females. In the U.S and Canada, about 60% of men experience ‘Male-pattern baldness’, where up to 40% of women over 50 are affected by ‘Female-pattern baldness’. While hair loss may seem like an aesthetic issue, it is often accompanied by a significant negative psychological impact.


The first thing to understand is that follicles which were completely eliminated (i.e. completed the miniaturization process and died) are not likely to be restored. The good news is that ongoing miniaturization can be reversed, and shrinking follicles can restore their healthy function if treated in time.

So What Can We Do To Reserve DHT-induced Hair Miniaturization?
  • Block the formation of DHT within hair follicles
  • Re-anchor the hair follicle with its roots
  • Replenish micro-circulation that brings oxygen and nutrients to the roots
  • Supply all the nutrients, vitamins and proteins required for healthy hair function
  • Make sure the skin tissue around the follicle is healthy and functioning properly

♥  XCELLARIS PRO, the new Hair 8, Scalp treatment by Dermaroller, was designed to create the optimal conditions for reversing the process of hair loss.

♦  XCELLARIS PRO is based on natural & highly potent active ingredients which target the hair follicles and the surrounding skin tissue.

♣  Unlike regular topical products, the active ingredients of XCELLARIS PRO go beyond the surface of the scalp and penetrate deeper into the skin. The eDermaStamp creates thousands of micro-channels which significantly increase the absorption of active ingredients, ensuring maximum treatment efficacy.


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